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For the hotel business, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Those who accept this reality and adjust, will be the first to recover. In the new normal, gaining and maintaining trust will be more important than ever. When choosing
hotels, guests will have one priority above all else: hygiene and safety. Take our self-assessment today!

Infection Prevention & Hygiene

In the context of epidemics and pandemics, hotels are required to take the necessary precautions. The duty to care not only extends to staff and guests, but to any party that could potentially be infected on the premises or as a result of its operations. External contractors like cleaning crews are a prime example.

Liability & Due Diligence

The duty to care, also known as due diligence, refers to the duty of hospitality businesses to make every reasonable effort to prevent doing harm to guests, staff, business partners and the general public.

For hotels that take this duty lightly, the consequences can be severe. In case of legal disputes and court cases, they can be held liable for failing to take the necessary precautions.

As such, it is not only important to take measures to protect your guests, but also to document these measures. An audit by an independent third party can serve of evidence that you have taken the necessary preventative measures. The bottomline is a higher level of protection for all stakeholders,
as well as reduced liability risks.

Focus Areas

The assessment tool focuses on the following areas:

  • Infection Prevention
  • Hygiene Management
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Communication

How our Assessment helps

  • The automatically generated report helps you document the measures
  • The scoring system allows you to benchmark your due diligence measures
  • The assessment helps you discover potential for improvement
  • The report and certificate can be used to reassure customers of your preparedness and resilience
  • If you choose to get an on-site audit, you may use the Hello Hygiene label


  • Minimal prerequisites: all you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop with webcam
  • Auto-generated PDF Report with evaluation and benchmarking
  • Auto-generated certificate with preparedness rating and score
  • Works on any device
  • Save and continue whenever you want
  • Scoring system for maximum comparability
  • Pay per use
Hello Hygiene Label

Optional: Verification on-site & Hello Hygiene Label

If after the self-assessment you want to achieve full certification, you can obtain the Hello Hygiene-label through an on-site verification audit. How? Learn all about it here.

Start the Hello Hygiene Self-Assessment now!

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