Sustainability Reporting


  • Suitable for sustainability reports of all types (GRI, DNK, AA1000, Global Compact, …)
  • Consists of about 60 questions
  • Can be completed online, on any device
  • Time needed: 25 minutes
  • Comprehensive PDF report with structured feedback and scoring

How the Self-Assessment Helps You

The self-assessment helps you ensure that your sustainability reporting practices:

  • are aligned with international best practice
  • meet the needs of the various stakeholder groups
  • instill confidence
  • are sufficiently robust to allow third-party assurance

The Evaluation Report

After completing the self-assessment, you will receive an automatically generated report, providing quantitative and qualitative feedback on the main aspects of your sustainability reporting. You can publish the report if you wish.

How It Works

The self-assessment is based on the AA1000 standards, one of the most commonly used frameworks for third-party assurance on sustainability reporting. However, you do not need any knowledge of the AA1000 standards. The evaluation focuses on four criteria:

  • does the report take into account the expectations and input of all main stakeholder groups?
  • does the report prioritize the most crucial sustainability topics?
  • does the report describe how the organization responds to the main sustainability challenges?
  • does the report describe the impact of the organization on the economy, the environment and our society?

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