Social Responsibility – Remote Risk Assessment

It is now commonly accepted that business should assume responsibility for labor conditions and human rights throughout their supply chain. However, if you have hundreds or even thousands of suppliers across the globe, it can be a challenge to identify where the risks are. With our Remote Risk Assessment (RRA), you don’t need to: the online gap assessment provides a risk rating for all participating suppliers, giving you an indication of where to focus on-site audits.

Doing supplier risk assessments remotely enables you to prioritize those suppliers with a higher risk rating. It also enables you to respond swiftly to changing market situations, issues and crises.

Unlike most risk assessments for supply chains, the risk rating is based on factors that are under the control of the suppliers, such as their policies and processes, rather than their country and business sector. As a result, suppliers can be motivated to improve their performance.

Focus Areas

Our standard remote risk assessment tool for social responsibility focuses on four areas:

    • Corporate Governance and Management
    • Recruitment Practices & Labor Conditions
    • Health & Safety
    • Human Rights, Discrimination & Harassment

How it works

  1. Define assessment parameters, in collaboration with our experts, or use our standard version
  2. Define scoring mechanism for the online self-assessment
  3. Define follow-up actions for the various risk ratings: off-site audits, on-site audits, …
  4. Invite suppliers to the i-Assessment
  5. You receive an automated assessment report, including a risk rating for each supplier
  6. Optional: off-site document review
  7. Optional: on-site audit by a qualified DQS auditor


  • Minimal prerequisites: all you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop with webcam
  • Fully scalable to assess thousands of suppliers quickly and efficiently, with risk-based prioritization
  • Analytics and reporting module to evaluate responses (e.g. average scores, level of completion, scores per country, etc. )
  • Auto-generated PDF Report
  • Auto-generated Confirmation of Risk Rating
  • Works on any device
  • Save and continue whenever you want
  • Scoring system for maximum comparability
  • Pay per use
on-site audit

Validation of Risk Rating

The problem with many online risk ratings are that they are not validated. Not so for the DQS remote solutions: our auditors assess a sample of the supplier base to review whether the results in the field match the outcome of the online risk assessment. This provides a superior level of assurance.

Start the Remote Risk Assessment for Social Responsiblity Now!

    As early as 2010, the DQS Group started its pioneering work on remote supplier audits. Today, we are a global leader in remote second- and third-party audits. With our Enhanced Remote Audit protocol, we foster quality, safety and sustainability across global supply chains.


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